Nick The Lot - If You Were / Starman


Release date: 18th September 2020


  1. If You Were
  2. Starman


Following up from his vast array of high-ranking past releases on Zombie and Grid (amongst many other well-known labels), Nick The Lot returns. Switching up his normal style yet again, NTL shows us that he’s not just a one trick pony, but an A star producer who can mould and shape his music in every direction, while keeping his authentic sound alive. There’s no mistaking this guys talents; a true trendsetter in the scene.   


‘If You Were’ is a super dance floor killer, the perfect track to get everyone up and dancing. Taking it on a more bouncy vibe with a very catchy vocal sample and deep gurgling bass.

‘Starman’ on the B side consists of unearthly extraterrestrial sounds and feels.  The samples from John Carpenter’s 1984 sci-fi classic ‘Starman’ fit perfectly alongside the ground shaking bass and creepy tones.


Listen here:


Support from:

Doc Scott

Mob Tactics

Danny Dubplate



14.9.20 – Basilisk Bass YouTube premiere of ‘If You Were’


Radio plays:

8.9.20 – Raydius on Release Radio played ‘If You Were’ (6.10 mins in) and Starman (1.27.47)


Other Features & promo:

22.8.20 – Doc Scott played ‘If You Were’ on DNBvid-19 E22


4.9.20 - Mob Tactics Mobcast S03E07 - If You Were  (1:25:06)


About Grid/Zombie Recordings:


Grid Recordings was founded by Twisted Individual in 2000 and has over the years released music from some of the scenes biggest names including, Twisted himself, Hazard, Marky & Spy, Sub Zero, Tyke, Original Sin, Netsky, Fred V & Grafix, Hybrid Minds, Serum, Voltage, Bladerunner, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, The Upbeats, Zen, Baron and many more.  The label recently made a comeback in 2016 after a 4 year break and it’s been going from strength to strength ever since. We’ve had releases from the likes of Twisted, T>I, Damage Report, Ray Keith, Nick The Lot, Leaf, Need For Mirrors & DJ Limited to name only but a few.


We have been referred to as ‘jump up with balls’ label which is pretty spot on! But we don’t like to pigeon hole ourselves as we have released many liquid and hard step tunes over the years.


Zombie Recordings is Grid’s sister label and was set up for the over spill due to the high amount of material we are sent. Twisted started Zombie back in 2004 which had releases from the likes of Mutated Forms, Serum, Prestige, Vital Elements, Majistrate, Heist, Cabbie & more. More recently we’ve had releases from Damage Report, Nick The Lot, Vital Elements and very successful Various Artist projects involving the likes of Filthy Habits & Jeopardize, Imaginary Friends, Shadre & Salvage, Yatuza, Twisted himself, Alex SLK, KY, Coda & Coy, Handsprime, Warhead & Magenta, Sikka & Mugshot, Dirty and many many more!



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