PA - Stolen Souls EP


Release date: 30th October 2020


  1. The Past
  2. Annabelle
  3. Stolen Souls
  4. One Mind
  5. No Seeds
  6. Now Selecta


Boy have we got a monster of a treat for you here! Birmingham’s one and only PA is in the house!! With releases on Radius, Dread and Muzik Hertz to name only a few and influenced by the mighty jungle sound and virus style rollers, we present to you his ‘Stolen Souls EP’.


The EP is roller central and there’s no doubt that PA is back, bigger and better than before (believe me it’s true). Here he is showing off some of his best work to date.


The Past starts the EP off with dark rolling vibes while Annabelle follows in suit making the hair on the back of your next stand up with its clear crispy drums and haunting sample. The title track ‘Stolen Souls’ and ‘Now Selecta’ take the word roller onto some next level business! There’s only one way and that’s PA’s way when it comes to ‘One Mind’. ‘No Seeds’ consists of killer drums and a sick sample to match, complimenting the deep sub bass.


Listen here:


Support from:

DJ Marky
Doc Scott
Ray Keith



8.10.20 – Ragga Bombs YouTube Premiere – One Mind


21.10.20 – Basilisk Bass YouTube Premiere – Now Selecta


Radio plays:


10.9.20 – Ray Keith – Dreadcast played The Past and Now Selecta


17.9.20 – RayKeith – Dreadcast played Stolen Souls (25:00)


24.9.20 – Ray Keith Presents The Dreadcast. Played ‘The Past’ (52:44)


17.10.20 - S-Gee & MC Skippa Show repping ‘The Past’ & ‘Annabelle’ on UK Raw Radio


Other Features & Promo:


6.6.20 – DJ Escape – Ram Live – House Party played PA – Now Selecta (20 minutes in)


5.9.20 - DJ Marky Live Drum And Bass Sessions 5th September 2020 – Annabelle (35.15 mins in)


5.9.20 – Doc Scott DNBvid-19 E24

Now Selecta, The Past & No Seeds


12.9.20 – Doc Scott DNBvid-19 E25

Annabelle & Stolen Souls


19.9.20 – Doc Scott DNBvid-19 E26
Now Selecta, The Past and No Seeds


3.10.20 – Doc Scott DNBvid-19 E28

Stolen Souls


10.10.20 - Doc Scott - DNBvid-19 E29 played No Seed and Annabelle


10.10.20 - Ray Keith alongside Mc Juiceman & DJ Terra-D live stream.

Played Stolen Souls (41:20)


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