FLeCK - Resilience EP

Dubplate Dread FLeCK

Resilience EP



FULL RELEASE: 27 th NOV 2020


Press Release



Now over two decades deep into the music game, Athens-born junglist FLeCK makes for a more than qualified addition to the Dubplate Dread roster. Having recently remixed head honcho Ray Keith’s classic “Sing Time” for the forthcoming 25 Years of Dread remix album, the decorated DJ/producer returns to the label with a heavyweight six-tracker of his own, the Resilience EP.


With a prestigious back catalogue including releases on Scotch Bonnet, Serial Killaz and Liondub and collaborations with Congo Natty, Dub Pistols and Soom T, the seasoned producer is a perfect match for the label, his arrangements brimming with sounds borrowed from the reggae and dancehall playbooks.


On the new EP’s stunning opener “Living a Lie”, the Greek talent joins forces with Bristol soulstress Ngaio, a name which will undoubtedly be familiar to many following her recent star appearance in the BBC’s ‘Monumental: Bristol after Colston’ documentary. Commencing with sparkling, serene piano chords and luscious vocals, the track reaches a thunderous crescendo, with bellowing bass and choppy breakbeats making for a weighty, nostalgic roller. Following on is “Clash Ah Get Wicked”, which, as its title suggests, draws on influences from ragga jungle, culminating in a maelstrom of percussive intricacies, echoing dub sirens and patois-tinged vocal samples.


Cooling things down, the ensuing dubwise number “Feel” is a breezy, yet equally fast-paced triumph pairing laidback reggae samples with darting basslines. “Lover” ups the ante once more, its silky piano melodies soon giving way to searing growls and bullying breaks. “Ganja Day VIP”, meanwhile, finds FLeCK flipping one of his self-released singles from 2016, pairing instantly recognisable vocal samples with warped, vibrato-affected basslines to result in a thrilling variation on the original mix. Closing proceedings is “The Vibe”, which masterfully utilises old-school, poppy vocal samples and mesmeric pads, slipping into gritty drops to see off the project on a high.