Nick The Lot - The Remix EP


Release date: 11th December 2020


  1. Nick The Lot – Rastaman (Remix)
  2. Nick The Lot – Catch Your Breath (Alex SLK Remix)
  3. Nick The Lot – Levitate (StillZ Remix)
  4. Nick The Lot – H2O (Warhead Remix)
  5. Nick The Lot – Don’t You Know (DisKrete Remix)
  6. Nick The Lot – Worldwide (Cramz Remix)


We’re back with another Remix series, and this time it’s a selection of reworked Nick The Lot tracks.


NTL is our most recent regular artist with a whopping big catalogue of ever growing releases on Grid as well as our sister label Zombie. He’s collaborated with Warhead and Yatuza and remixed some of our back catalogue so we thought it was about time we chose some of his most loved tracks to get a makeover.


Nick himself has given the extremely popular Rastaman a rehash. This was Nick’s first ever release with us at Grid and what a success it was. To this date it has gained over 59K plays on our Soundcloud clip alone. Latvian DJ and producer Alex SLK has worked his magic on ‘Catch Your Breath’. East Sussex lad StillZ has given ‘Levitate’ the once over. Warhead gives his take on ‘H2O’. ‘Don’t You Know’ has been rejigged by DisKrete and Cramz has tampered with ‘Worldwide’.


Overall this EP is a fantastic 6 tracker full of what you’d expect from such a remarkable bunch of expressive and inspired producers. Huge thanks to everyone involved in this project!


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Doc Scott



1.12.20 – Forbidden Frequencies YouTube and Soundcloud premiere of Nick The Lot – Levitate (StillZ Remix)


4.12.20 – Jump Up Cave YouTube Premiere of Nick The Lot – Don’t You know (DisKrete Remix)



Radio plays:

7.11.20 - Doc Scott DNBvid-19 E33 played ‘Catch Your Breath (Alex SLK Remix)



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