StillZ - Other Sounds EP


Release date: 18th December 2020


  1. Other Sounds
  2. See It Up
  3. With The Fills (ft. MC Lore)
  4. Put To Work
  5. Never Pay The Gate (ft. MC Lore)
  6. Faces Of Danger


StillZ from East Sussex makes his debut release on Grid Recordings with a mighty 6 tracker EP. With past releases on Pick The Lock and Bulletproof, Joe has also appeared on volume 6 of our very own Head Nodders collection on a collab with Dunk so he’s no stranger to the label.


‘Other Sounds’ is the title track and it’s quite fitting with its vast array of electrifying, zapping, taser like sonics. Dub reggae samples fit perfectly over the crisp clear drums and sub bass of ‘See It Up’

MC Lore features on two of the tracks, ‘With The Fills’ and ‘Never Pay The Gate’. Lore is a 20 year old rapper/mc from Lewes, East Sussex. raised in Cornwall and son to poet Murray Lachlan Young and pop singer Zoë. ‘Put To Work’ slides along the jump up spectrum and ‘Faces Of Danger’ is an effective minimal roller with resonating bass.


Listen here:


9.12.20 – Basilisk Bass YouTube Premiere of StillZ – Never Pay The Gate (ft. MC Lore)

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