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Stamina EP





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First up on Ray Keith’s resurgent Dubplate Dread imprint this year comes the label debut from Bristolian youngster XAV in the form of the Stamina EP, set to land on 29 January.


As a regular performer at Dread Recordings club nights and a former guest on Ray’s Rinse FM show, the teenage DJ/producer will no doubt already be familiar to many of Dubplate Dread’s most ardent followers, with his sought-after rave weapon “Devilish One” having put his name firmly on the map.


Highlighting the West Country junglist’s musical dexterity every step of the way, the new EP draws on an audible array of influences from both XAV’s forebearers and his contemporaries. Opening with a novelty sample and ethereal pads, “Jaison Can’t Make Foghorns” whips itself into a frenzy, with piercing groans and shuffling breaks contributing to the song’s simultaneously sparse and punchy arrangement. “Jungle Era”, meanwhile, utilises euphoric passages punctuated by nostalgic rave stabs before bursting into oscillating, metallic crescendos.


“Simplistic”, on the other hand, owes its name to its pared-back nature, making use of a handful of hard-hitting synths and drums while still managing to achieve electrifying results. On “Stamina”, the 18-year-old pays homage to ragga jungle, utilising a spirited topline and an amalgamation of rumbling subs, rolling snares and gravelly basslines to produce an equally amped-up number. Concluding proceedings is “Feds”, a collaboration with fellow Bristolian and Liondub alumnus Toby Ross. Building from an ambient drone to a dizzying pinnacle centred around clambering bassweight, drill vocal samples and slick percussion, the track serves as yet another timely reminder that the future of drum and bass is in safe hands.